As I do two jobs to save for a car, finding time to attend driving classes during the day has been impossible. I searched the net for a driving instructor who could teach me at night. Strangely I called several and they all declined. I then came across James Driving Academy who offered to help and proved to be fantastic as my instructor was very understanding and passionate and taught me everything I needed to know.
I recommend James Driving Academy to anyone wishing to use them.

Malith is amazing! I would recommend him to anyone in need of a driving instructor! I had him for all five lessons and can genuinely say that he's the best.

James Driving Academy is the place for you if you are new to the whole driving experience. All my instructors helped and taught me so much to become a better driver. They truly are the best and most professional.

Malith was an excellent instructor and was really helpful on my first time out. I would highly recommend James Driving Academy for dedicated driver training, and individual driving lessons tailor-made for you.

I got through my VicRoads driving test thanks to the awesome support of the instructors. It was simply a walk in the park after my third lesson. Finishing all five behind the wheel lessons with great solace, I am now a very confident driver.

Spending extra time practising tasks I found difficult - like parking and changing lanes - with the instructors who were always there to guide and give me constructive feedback on ways to improve, made it a pleasant and enjoyable experience for me.

I tried teaching my son how to drive and on several occasions ended up being angry as he did not respond to my instructions. I employed James Driving Academy to teach him and it all worked out well with him getting his P plates and my being stress free. Thank you James Driving Academy.

I was introduced to James Driving Academy by my best friend who had used their services. He spoke highly of the academy for flexibility and seeing him through until he received his driving licence. After obtaining their services I fully endorse his statement as my driving instructor was great and I too passed the very first time thanks to James Driving Academy.