Yes. If you're above 16 years old and hold a learner permit, you are most welcome to join one of our driving courses we offer here in Melbourne to learn how to drive or improve your driving abilities targeting the Victoria driver licence.

Completion of all the assignments and a thorough read through the handbook, you are eligible to start your lessons. Lessons will be scheduled at the convenience of the student and instructor - day, evening and/or weekends. An instructor will contact you to work out an in-car lesson program when you're ready. The Road to Solo Driving handbook provided by VicRoads - https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/your-ls/your-learner-handbooks

Yes. Our Melbourne driving school is dedicated to each student and make sure they not only just pass the Victoria driver licence test, but also have the ability to drive in the real world. So we offer additional lessons. With our unique grading system and an instructor's feedback, we provide additional lessons to perfect your skills, enhance your driving abilities and patch up any weaknesses.

Yes, of course! We offer courses which include freeway driving. With Melbourne's best driving instructors trained to keep calm and maintain a comfortable surrounding, you are bound to find the most difficult tasks very simple to accomplish.

We keep it well above standards so that our students will be ready to drive in the real world safely and confidently. Unlike the usual 6 kilometers other driving schools offer, James Driving Academy intends on covering about 9 kilometers within the 45 minutes lesson. We are all about more driving and more learning to help you to excel in your Victoria driver licence test.

Immediately. Depending on the student's availability, lessons could be commenced soon to accommodate your day and time of preference.

Most students already have an idea of driving and require between 4 to 6 classes to master the finer points required to obtain your Victoria driver licence. Again this will depend on the experience and learning abilities of each student.

Yes, this can be provided. Please book early so that your requirement could be accommodated.

That's fine. Just call our office and schedule for the next time that class session is offered and you can continue then. Keep in mind, classes must be completed in order.

Yes. It's always a plus point to have the parent of the student in the car with the instructor as it gives them a clear picture of the student's abilities and weaknesses which need to be worked on.

Yes. There are packages to use our training cars for Victoria driver licence test in Melbourne. Do call in for more info!

Firstly almost 100% of our students who followed the full James Driving Academy course got through their Victoria driver licence tests at their 1st attempt. However if you fail your driving test we will give you a very special price for more classes and see you through your VicRoads diving test (Victoria driver licence).

Yes, you can pay for the package upfront and get a discount. Alternatively you can pay on a per class basis.

James Driving Academy not only wants to make you ready for your test, but also for you to drive safely at all times. This is why we recommend 5 classes minimum with 2 additional classes for us to completely focus on each student’s weaknesses and make sure all their needs are met. Other driving schools are only concerned about you passing the driving test to obtain your Victoria driver licence with the basic minimum requirements.

Yes. Our helpful office staff is always around to answer your calls and help you with all your questions and concerns. We are always there for you! Even after you receive your Victoria driver licence we encourage all our students to keep in touch.