Driving School Melbourne

Driving School Melbourne

Leading Driving School in Melbourne for an outstanding learning experience

Deciding to get your driver’s licence is an exciting experience to anyone, work your way through various driving lessons and finally sitting for your driving test is the ultimate goal for any aspiring beginner driver. Therefore, it is essential to choose a leading driving school in Melbourne. Many people take wrong decisions when they are opting to do their driving test as quickly as possible, completing their driving lessons fast, without a solid foundation and basics, in a mediocre driving school. This has been the root cause behind many unsuccessful first attempts in learner permit test.


As a leading driving school in Melbourne, James Driving Academy has many professional and qualified instructors to take you to the next level. Our individually tailor-made driving classes are designed with years of experience and expertise. With our driving school in Melbourne, you are poised to achieve success in your driving test, whatever the vehicle you would drive.


Selecting a driving school is not something that you do with ease, but with our driving school in Melbourne, everything is going to be easy for you. Here are few reasons why your driving school should be James Driving Academy.


Pass Rate

Usually, learner drivers fail in their first attempt in obtaining their licence. When the norm is like that, our driving school has a pass rate of over 90%. This shows how successful our driving school has been since its inception. There is no fixed way to suit your driving needs, and driving instructors in James Driving Academy take special measures to ensure that students do their best when they are undertaking the driving test.


Prices and Offers

At James Driving Academy, while maintaining our high standards and quality, we make sure that our prices are affordable to everyone. In our driving school in Melbourne, there are different options to choose to suit your needs.


Our each driving lesson is $38 and offers 45 minutes of Behind-the-Wheel instructions. Also, we offer 5 individual lessons for a discounted price of $171, saving you $19. And, 10 individual lessons for a price of $342 so the 10th lesson will be absolutely FREE.


Our driving school offers specialised manual driving lessons as well. Each lesson would be $45 with 45 minutes of Behind-the-Wheel instructions.


Student Testimonials

Testimonials are a definite way to confirm whether the driving school you chose is the best possible option for you. Our driving school in Melbourne surely has positive testimonials from our clients. The results of our efforts have always been positive and clients have shown their gratitude with testimonials for our driving school in Melbourne.



If you are interested in our driving school in Melbourne, Book Now yourself in one of our Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons in Melbourne. James Driving Academy operates in Narre Warren, Dandenong, and whole of South East Melbourne.