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Drive Safe, Drive Smart with our Driving Instructors in Melbourne

James Driving Academy is a leading driving school in Melbourne you can trust in for the best learning experience! Working with a team of long-serving, professional driving instructors, we provide high standard training programs for students to become skilled, knowledgeable and cautious drivers while helping them to pass their driving test in Melbourne and own a Victoria driver licence.


After completing the learner permit, your journey towards a Victoria driver licence is a step closer with James Driving Academy offering the most educational and enjoyable driving lessons to get through your VicRoads driving test in Melbourne.


Our driving instructors in Melbourne take great measures to tick safety off our check-lists, at all times. We know that it's too important to be taken lightly. From safety kits to well-maintained eco-friendly vehicles, James Driving Academy got it all covered.


James Driving Academy along with our professional driving instructors in Melbourne are here to provide you with the best lessons and customer service. Our friendly staff members are always there to answer your calls 24/7 - at any time, any day - and help you out with whatever concerns you might have regarding the driving test in Melbourne. So call us to schedule your appointment with our highly trained driving instructors in Melbourne and begin the journey of yours towards a Victoria driver licence.


Professional Driving Instructors in Melbourne


James Driving Academy is proud to have the best, long-term, VicRoads accredited driving instructors in Melbourne. Our driving instructors always stay up-to-date keeping up with the changes taking place in the industry and our educational courses for driving instructors make them the best in the industry.


Our dedicated driving instructors always strive to be true professionals in their duty. They are well trained to handle critical situations and manage their assigned learner drivers. We make sure our learner drivers do their best in the driving test. This motive has been driving us to become the leader in driving schools in Melbourne.

How to choose your Driving Instructors in Melbourne?


If you are planning to get your learner permit or Victoria driver licence , you will definitely require qualified, trained, and professional driving instructors who will satisfy your needs and take you to the level you desire. But you might be asking yourself, how do I find good driving instructors? How do I make sure that the one I choose will fulfill my requirements? How can I make sure that he is dedicated to the task? Can I get my learner permit/ driver licence on time?


Worry not. James Driving Academy is here to answer all your questions. We are an experienced, professional driving school in Melbourne with a success rate of over 90% in the VicRoads driving test in Melbourne. We will assure that we will do our best in everything we do. Let’s look at few facts that you should consider before you choose driving instructors in Melbourne.



Reliable driving instructors are fully qualified and true professionals in their work. Make sure that you inquire about their qualifications, experience and whether they are VicRoads accredited driving instructors. You must feel comfortable with the style of instructions and communication offered, and be confident of the instructor’s competency. Moreover, in order to keep up with the changes taking place in the industry, good driving instructors continue to stay up-to-date and concentrate on new teaching skills.




Good driving instructors in Melbourne and their lessons will not be cheap. They make sure to maintain a competitive price while offering a quality service for learner drivers. We have helped so many learner drivers who have fallen for the trap of dirt cheap driving lessons and failed their VicRoads driving test. Even expensive driving instructors in Melbourne would not be fulfilling your requirements. Therefore, always do a background check, go through their website, read testimonials, compare value-for-money and if you have more questions, feel free to contact them.


If your driving instructors in Melbourne change their behaviour after first few lessons, then you should immediately stop practicing with them. This means that they are showing their true colours knowing that you would not bother to change the driving school. Make sure you do the opposite. At the end of the day, there should be a value, respect to your hard earned money which you pay for your driving instructors in Melbourne. A good instructor will always pay individual attention making sure that the learner driver will excel in the driving test in Melbourne.





Professional driving instructors in Melbourne will always adapt to suit individual requirements, changing their teaching techniques and methodologies. Also, they must be able to explain the learner driver why they opted to do certain things in particular way in case of an inquiry.


Consistency and punctuality for appointments are signs that your driving instructors in Melbourne are true professionals and dedicated for their duty. Make sure that you ask for recommendation from your friends, family or work colleagues before you choose your driving instructors in Melbourne.

If you are interested in James Driving Academy, Book Now yourself in one of our Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons in Melbourne. Also, you could visit our driving school in Melbourne page to get more information. We cover Narre Warren, Dandenong, and whole of South East Melbourne.

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