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Dedicated Driving Classes in Melbourne from James Driving Academy

At James Driving Academy, our professional driving classes in Melbourne are almost too easy for you to own a Victoria driver licence. Just choose a package which suits you best and begin your training - 3 affordable packages are available. The five lesson package is the most sought-after to commence your driving classes in Melbourne, and it is highly recommended by us too. Get the vital skills and knowledge to excel in your VicRoads driving test and own your Victoria driver licence.


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Everything you need to know about our Driving Classes in Melbourne


Individual Lessons for Automatic Driving

Our driving school in Melbourne offers automatic driving lessons individually tailor-made for you as every student driver has different skills and motives when it requires selecting the right driving classes in Melbourne. Each student will be mentored by our highly trained driving instructors who will guide them to drive better and patch up any weaknesses.

Each lesson is $38 and offers 45 minutes of Behind-the-Wheel instructions.

Any number of individual lessons can be arranged.

From our Behind-the-Wheel individual driving classes in Melbourne, you’ll get the most up-to-date and SAFE driving skills from our knowledgeable and experienced instructors - we are sure you’ll be fully equipped to pass your VicRoads driving test. You won’t get lost, and you’ll gain the most important information to help you be SAFE and PASS the VicRoads driving test at your first attempt.

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Individual Packages for Automatic Driving

At James Driving Academy, not only do we offer low cost automatic driving lessons, we also work hard to make our students well-rounded drivers with our driving classes in Melbourne, whilst ensuring they get the best for what they pay.

We are currently offering special 5 individual driving classes in Melbourne (45 minutes each) at a discounted price of $171 - saving you $19 which will cost you $190 otherwise. Also, 10 individual classes at a price of $342 so the 10th lesson will be free of charge.

Our motive is to make all our students confident drivers and pass every test well. With the support from the best, caring and affable driving instructors, we can make this motive, a reality.

Also, with a calm, well-set driving environment, James Driving Academy is a sure way to make your driver licence course fun, at an affordable cost. Contact us for the best automatic driving classes in Melbourne! We are just a call away!

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Specialised Manual Driving Lessons

Our driving classes in Melbourne not only offer regular automatic driving lessons, but also offer manual driving lessons. Experience the thrill of dynamic driving in your manual transmission vehicle!

Each lesson is $45 and offers 45 minutes of Behind-the-Wheel instructions.

With our specialised manual driving classes in Melbourne, customised teaching and supportive coaching, you will quickly, easily and confidently learn the skills necessary to drive a manual vehicle safely and smoothly.

All our instructors are fully qualified on manual transmission and able to demonstrate students with effective training techniques to optimise learning and co-ordination on manual driving.

The course covers gear changing, clutch control, gas saving techniques, parking, reversing, lane changing and much more. Additional manual driving classes in Melbourne can be scheduled for more advanced driving if needed.

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Tips to choose your Driving Classes in Melbourne


There is no shortage of driving classes in Melbourne. From old ones to the new driving schools which are popping here and there just like mushrooms, everyone offers various driving classes for learner drivers. It takes a lot of effort for any beginner to select driving classes in Melbourne with a good driving school. Even though everyone looks same on the surface, driving classes offered by those good driving schools do have differences. So it is essential that learner drivers dedicate some time and effort before choosing their driving classes in Melbourne.


That is where James Driving Academy comes to your aid. We provide our assistance to choose the most suitable driving classes in Melbourne for you. Our talented, well-qualified and professional instructors in Melbourne will make sure that you excel your driving test in Melbourne with flying colours to obtain your Victoria driver licence in the first attempt itself. Let’s take a look at few points you should consider before and when you choose driving classes in Melbourne in order to make your learning journey a success.



Make sure that a certified, professional driving instructor will be assigned to you for in-car training. He/She should be able to understand your requirements and act accordingly to achieve the best results. Also, they should be well-experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained in respective driving classes in Melbourne to prepare students for their driving test.


Number of hours dedicated for driving classes in Melbourne are also a crucial factor when you make a decision. A good 45 minutes for each individual for a single driving class is ideal, and the in-car training should go hand-in-hand with the Road to Solo Driving handbook provided by VicRoads.




You could be in deep trouble if you opted to go with a mediocre driving school which doesn’t have proper experienced driving instructors, and the driving classes they offer are not approved by VicRoads. It is essential to make sure that their level of training and teaching methodologies are up to the industry standards.





Make sure to choose driving classes in Melbourne at a place where you can reap so many benefits during your learning period. A professional driving school will always offer top notch facilities for you regardless of the price you pay for their driving classes in Melbourne.


Professional driving classes in Melbourne will always be methodical, punctual and efficient in everything they do. Therefore do not choose a driving school depending on its price entirely.


If you are interested in our driving classes in Melbourne, Book Now yourself in one of our Behind-the-Wheel driving lessons in Melbourne. Also, you could visit our driving school in Melbourne page to get more information. We cover Narre Warren, Dandenong, and whole of South East Melbourne.